The initial design sketches for the Scene's RFP
More design sketches
Pretty close to the end product. the collar was moved, but overall pretty much what it became.
My particular box started as a (now defunct) City Paper box. I sanded it, marked off preliminary areas, and then primed the whole thing with an enamel primer.
With the primer on, I could then start locking in the final surface designs with acrylic paint markers.
Underway. A bunch of pie-eye'd cats. 
More pie eye'd cats.
Getting closer. Working on the innards.
Detail shot. I believe this is after the enamel clear coat was applied.
So close you can taste the paint fumes. Also note the tongue to the left.
Adding more clear coat.
Assembled and ready to paper!
This was unfortunately stolen after the box was put at it's final location.
At the big anniversary reveal party with the other 24 boxes.
At it's final location, which also happens to be my favorite urger place in town.
The box (and myself) were profiled both in the 25th anniversary print edition of the Scene, as well as on their website.
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