Whimsical to banal
From urban scenes to animals, I enjoy painting a great variety of subjects. Often, I like to have fun with my work, anthropomorphic dogs and cats being the usual suspects. I also revel in the ordinary, celebrating what is around us and in our daily environment.

Contrasts and compliments
Admittedly, I have been slightly obsessed with butting complimentary colors against each other for many years, drawing inspiration from such painters as Grant Wood and Wayne Thiebaud. At the same time I have recurrently refined my palette so that I more accurately see and reproduce color. I also greatly enjoy the representation of light on various surfaces. Working primarily in acrylic and applying various layering techniques, I aim to produce rich, images of warmth and depth.

Honesty, observation, and respect the viewer
I continually seek to produce art honestly. I feel that if your intent is true, and you’re not creating an image under false pretenses, the viewer will know and appreciate your efforts. The act of creating and viewing art is a very personal experience. I always strive to create art that I feel is honest in execution and respects myself and my audience.
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