Wendi and David Mitchell commissioned a large painting (60 inch by 60 inch) to commemorate the deli's 10th anniversary. It was to be placed in and area of high traffic and visibility - the restaurant's front entry vestibule. The Mitchells asked to highlight the core values that they held dear, the ones that had helped make the deli one of the most popular and beloved eateries in the city and nationally recognized. Goods and ingredients from regionally sourced farms and producers, local makers, sustainable practices, and a commitment to the community were among the core ideals that they wanted to spotlight. The deli is also a hub for the neighborhood, and as such the family and employees who helped along the way were integral to the success of the business - they wanted to recognize them as well. Additionally, they wanted the piece to reflect their passions - among them were quality food, good beer, and bicycling. And last, but certainly not least, they wished to spotlight the sandwiches that have made the deli famous.
Delivered in September of 2018, the 5 foot by 5 foot acrylic painting on a single gallery wrap stretched canvas is now mounted and framed in the deli's vestibule, located at 1306 McGavock Pike, in the Riverside Village area in the heart of the Inglewood neighborhood of East Nashville, Tennessee.
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