Paintings - Things

A cross section of various paintings of various things from various years.

RV, 12x18" acrylic on canvas, 2014
Camry, 5x7" acrylic on board, 2015
Untitled Meat, 24x36" acrylic on canvas, 2009
Voyager, 12x18" acrylic on canvas, 2008 - "Three years before The Black Keys 'El Camino' was released, I owned a 1993 Plymouth Voyager, and I painted this picture of it as it sat on the street parked in front of my house in Quincy, IL."
Tub, 24x36", acrylic on canvas, 2006
Tree #1, 4x6", acrilic on board, 2014
Tree #2, 4x6", acrilic on board, 2014
British WWII Dalek commission, 9x12", acrylic on canvas, 2015
Bug, 16x20" acrylic on canvas, 2002
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